SGL Carbon: Paragraph 15 WpHG-Mitteilung

Wiesbaden (ots-Ad hoc-Service) - Mitteilung gemäß Paragraph 15 WpHG übermittelt von der DGAP. Für den Inhalt der Mitteilung ist allein der Emittent verantwortlich.

SGL CARBON Sales and Operating Results Significantly Higher The strong growth in the Technical Products Business Area and continued favorable developments in the European and North American steel industry more than offset the negative effects of the economic turmoil in South East Asia for the SGL CARBON GROUP in the first half of 1998. Group sales rose 15% over the previous year's comparable period to DM 1,102 million, while operating results advanced 19% to DM 211 million in the first six months. During the second quarter DM 410 million in provisions were established for potential liabilities arising from the current antitrust investigations. This extraordinary one-off charge led to an after-tax loss of DM 255 million. Excluding one- time costs of the antitrust provision net income would have risen 24 % to DM 120 million. Earnings per share adjusted according to DVFA/SG improved strongly by 30% to DM 6.05.

Despite continuing problems in South East Asia, our estimate for the full year - a double-digit increase in operating results -remains unchanged.

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