Text of a declaration signed on 05 June 1998:

Wien (OTS) - Statement on shared social-democratic values and convictions of BiH parties


The signatories see their common state based on the existence of two entities and three equal nationalities and their citizens. They feel that many of the most urgent problems plaguing the population have to be tackled on the bases of this common state. But they are well aware of the different political and economic situations existing in the Federation and the Republica Srpska. Social-democrats know that they have to address these specific conditions in both entities in their policy.


The signatories base their policies on a whole-hearted support of the stipulations of the Dayton-Agreement. They consider Dayton to be the base for any future development of BiH. Any success will be impossible, if the Dayton-Agreement is not fully implemented, but also any progress will be in danger, if there are risky attempts to go beyond that agreement.


The signatories, even when contesting these elections indepentently or in different electoral alliances share basic values and basic convictions. They know, that they all have to confront nationalist and ethnically based parties, which endanger the country's future. To this aim they pledge to co-operate, to co-ordinate their political initiatives and to refrain from attacking each other.


While recognising that there is room for fair, genuine and constructive political debate, signatories must avoid the use of inflammatory, derogatory or provocative language against each other. The signatories will operate in such a way that recognises that their main and common political opponents are those parties who continue to promote ethno-centric and nationalist positions.

Zlatko Lagumdzija, Chairman of SDP
Selim Beslagic, Chairman of SD-BiH
Milorad Dodik, Chairman of SNSD

Heinz Fischer, Vice-President of the PES
Jean Francois Vallin, Secretary General of the PES
Hannes Swoboda, Vice-President of the Group of the PES
Nick Sigler, International Secretary of the Labour Party
Albrecht Konecny, International Secretary of the SPÖ