VA Technologie: Austrian Energy: Environmentally Friendly Power Generation

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AUSTRIAN ENERGY:Environmentally Friendly Power Generation
Plants for Ireland
- Order for the supply of heat recovery boilers for power

station at Poolbeg, Ireland
- Contract value: approx. ATS 180m

AUSTRIAN ENERGY (AE), a company of the listed VA Technologie
AG, has been awarded a major contract from Siemens for
the delivery, installation and start up of two heat
recovery boilers. The boilers will be installed at the
Poolbeg power station of ESB Power Generation Ireland.

The contract value amounts to approx. ATS 180m.

The boilers plants which generate steam from the recovery
heat of the gas fired power station will have a steam
capacity of 250 t/h each. The environmentally friendly
combination of gas and steam turbines represents the state
of the art technology and significantly increases the
efficiency rate of the power plant.

The steam generators to be supplied by AE are designed as
natural circulation boilers. With this system no pumps for
the water circulation in the heated tubes are needed. This
allows reduced investement costs, economic operation and
increases the availability of the plant. In addition, the
whole plant can be started together with the gas turbine
located in front of the steam generators. This means a
shorter time to reach full power and an easier mode of

AUSTRIAN ENERGY is an international engineering company with the core competence in thermal power generation and
environmental engineering and systems supplier for thermal
power plants, plants for environmental protection and
related services. In 1996 the company employed 2,091 people
and achieved an order intake of approx. ATS 7.4bn.