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EANS-News: Atrium European Real Estate Limited / Publication of Scrip Dividend Circular Q3 2020

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Company Information/Dividend Announcements/Distribution

St Helier Jersey / Channel Islands -

Publication of Scrip Dividend Circular Q3 2020 Jersey, 7 September 2020. Atrium European Real Estate Limited (VSE/Euronext:
ATRS), ("Atrium" or the "Company"), a leading owner, operator and redeveloper of shopping centres and retail real estate in Central Europe, announces that a circular setting out details on the election being offered to Shareholders to receive a Scrip Dividend for the Q3 2020 dividend distribution is now available on the Company's website. Unless a Shareholder informs the Company that it elects to receive the Scrip Dividend, the Q3 2020 dividend will be distributed in cash. The relevant Q3 2020 dividend distribution timetable is set out below.

_____________________________________________________________________________ |Q3 dividend | |_____________________________________________________________________________| |Event |Time and/or date | |______________________________________|______________________________________| |Q3 Ex-dividend date |8 September 2020 | |______________________________________|______________________________________| |Q3 Dividend record date |9 September 2020 | |______________________________________|______________________________________| |Commencement election period Q3 |09.00 a.m. (CEST) on 10 September 2020| |dividend | | |______________________________________|______________________________________| |Conclusion election period Q3 dividend|4.00 p.m. (CEST) on 22 September 2020 | |______________________________________|______________________________________| |Q3 Dividend payment date |30 September 2020 | |______________________________________|______________________________________|

Neither the Company nor Van Lanschot Kempen Wealth Management N.V. shall be liable for any loss arising out of a failure of the election to be received by Van Lanschot Kempen Wealth Management N.V. before conclusion of the election period. For further information, reference is made to the aforementioned circular.

Scrip Dividend exchange ratio
The number of new shares allotted to Shareholders that elect to receive the Scrip Dividend will be one new share for every 33.9483 shares held by the electing Shareholder. The exchange ratio has been calculated based on the volume weighted average price of Atrium shares on Euronext Amsterdam and the Vienna Stock Exchange during the reference period from 31 August 2020 until 4 September 2020, minus the dividend of 6.75EURcents and a 2% discount set by the Directors, which amounts to EUR2.2915.

No fraction of a New Share will be allotted. Any entitlement which results in a fractional New Share will be rounded down to the nearest whole number, with a cash payment to be made to the relevant Shareholder in respect of the fraction.

For further information:
FTI Consulting Inc.: +44 (0)20 3727 1000
Richard Sunderland/Claire Turvey/Ellie Sweeney/Andrew Davis:
atrium@fticonsulting.com [atrium@fticonsulting.com]

About Atrium European Real Estate
Atrium is a leading owner, operator and redeveloper of shopping centers and retail real estate in Central Europe. Atrium specializes in locally dominant food, fashion and entertainment shopping centers in the best urban locations. Atrium owns 26 properties with a total gross leasable area of over 809,000 sqm and with a total market value of approximately EUR2.5 billion. These properties are located in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Russia, and with the exception of one, are all managed by Atrium's internal team of retail real estate professionals.

In January 2020 Atrium announced a strategy to diversify its portfolio by investing in and managing residential for rent real estate, with a primary focus on Warsaw.

The Company is established as a closed-end investment company incorporated and domiciled in Jersey and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission as a certified Jersey listed fund, and is listed on both the Vienna Stock Exchange and the Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Appropriate professional advice should be sought in the case of any uncertainty as to the scope of the regulatory requirements that apply by reason of the above regulation and listings. All investments are subject to risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The value of investments may fluctuate. Results achieved in the past are no guarantee of future results.

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For further information:
FTI Consulting Inc.:
+44 (0)20 3727 1000
Richard Sunderland
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