City Leisure Group - 'THIS IS HOLLAND' Takes a Flight to China

Amsterdam (ots/PRNewswire) - After 2 successful first years, the immersive experience 'THIS IS HOLLAND' sets foot in China, where they will be one of the representatives of Dutch business and culture at the 'Impressions of Holland Center' initiative located in the Zhengpu Port New District, on the Yangtze River near Nanjing. The project will showcase the strength of the Netherlands including famous and familiar Dutch highlights, giving the Chinese residents and visitors alike an opportunity to explore these within their own country.


Since the beginning of 2018, Amsterdam is enriched with the visitor experience 'THIS IS HOLLAND.' Throughout the 45-minute experience, the culture of the Netherlands is explained, concluding with a unique flying theater show, soaring over 22 iconic landmarks of the country filmed from a birds-eye perspective. The UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Netherlands are highlighted during the experience. THIS IS HOLLAND received 180,000 visitors in 2018 and 281,000 visitors in 2019, together with a high appreciation rate on TripAdvisor, Google and Get Your Guide.

The experience in China is an exact copy of their forerunner in Amsterdam, yet will be adapted slightly to accommodate a different language and a larger audience. Therefore, the capacity of the experience will be doubled. Frankwin van Beers, Managing Director of 'THIS IS HOLLAND,' stated: "The international interest in 'THIS IS HOLLAND' validates the success of the concept. To be recognized as an important brand of Dutch culture and tourism only two years from our first flight, is something our team and partners are very proud of."

MaAnShan's Zhengpu Port New District Project at Wellness Cove

The Chinese version of 'THIS IS HOLLAND' will be opened 45km south of Nanjing which is home to the Zhengpu Port New District Project, a special economic zone designated as a destination Wellness Cove on the Yangtze River. "We are very pleased and proud to have 'THIS IS HOLLAND' included in our 'Impressions of Holland Center' in MaAnShan to showcase the strengths and specific characteristics of the Netherlands to the Chinese people," said Aalt Dijkhuizen, co-director of the Holland Center. This landmark project is derived from the joint-statement between China and the Netherlands to embrace and celebrate more Sino-Dutch trade and investments. The initiative focusses on four basic elements of wellness: Food & Health, Mental Wellness, Social Connection and Sport & Fitness, which will be showcased by iconic Dutch brands.

The first phase is still under construction in which 'CORPUS World Wide' is currently being built and meanwhile the second phase is in the preparation-stage with an additional 20km2. The second phase includes the 'THIS IS HOLLAND' experience, an outdoor art exhibition by XSAGA, and many more to follow. Patrick Roubroeks, CEO of XSAGA, mentions the following: "Culture is the most international language and therefore goes beyond boundaries. We are excited to present the best examples of Dutch culture in this international co-production!"

City Leisure Group

The 'THIS IS...' brand is owned by a group of companies forming the City Leisure Group Holding (CLG), who will also operate and invest in the China expansion of 'THIS IS HOLLAND.' Due to the validated success in the Netherlands, the 'THIS IS...' brand is working on international expansion to various other major metropolitan cities. Magnús Magnússon, Chairman of the Board of CLG, commented: "We are proud of 'THIS IS HOLLAND' and their operational results and how the concept has proven itself to be worthy of international expansion. We are excited to invest in the following steps, of which China is a great opportunity." This expansion will be carried out with the same trusted partners that, together with CLG, have created the original 'THIS IS HOLLAND' experience.

This is City Attractions (TICA) is a participation of City Leisure Group and is a Dutch based company that develops high-end, stand-alone attractions in city centers on a global scale. By using state of the art rides, themed experience design, storytelling and local relevant content TICA provide visitors an excited, educational and overall unique experience.

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