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HOYA Presents Hoya EyeGenius

Mönchengladbach, Germany (ots/PRNewswire) - The HOYA Vision Care Company, a key player in the global market for ophthalmic lenses, presents Hoya EyeGenius, an innovative high-precision measurement system for the quick and easy measurement and correction of fixation disparities.

The digital era demands a lot from our binocular vision and can cause visual stress. In the case of heterophoria, this may lead to fixation disparity. Hoya EyeGenius was developed in close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, with the aim of radically simplifying the measurement and correction of fixation disparity.

The new measurement system easily and accurately calculates the ideal prismatic prescription for the correction of fixation disparity, in less than ten minutes. Binocular visual performance is thereby improved and symptoms of visual stress, such as headaches, dry eyes and/or neck tension, may be noticeably reduced.

Hoya EyeGenius is the right choice for all opticians and optometrists who want to stand out from their competitors with their expertise in the field of binocular vision and future-oriented technologies. What's more, Hoya EyeGenius can be used to conduct a complete eye examination.

How does Hoya EyeGenius work?

Hoya EyeGenius measures fixation disparity under binocular conditions and, based on the results, calculates the respective compensation prisms in 0.01 pdpt. Moreover, Hoya EyeGenius is currently the fastest measuring system of its kind on the market, delivering an optimal prismatic correction in less than ten minutes. No prisms are used during the measurement, which is comfortable for the customer.

The Hoya EyeGenius software leads the optician seamlessly through the measuring process and interactively involves the customer. Pre-tests incorporated into the software ensure that binocular single vision is present and that the customer suffers from asthenopic complaints. Unreliable measurement values are automatically excluded.

A prerequisite for measuring fixation disparity is the correct prescription for distance and near vision, and a detailed medical history.

What is fixation disparity?

Fixation disparity is the wrong image position within the central Panum's area with normal fusion and normal stereopsis. Fixation disparity can lead to the impairment of binocular vision and cause asthenopic problems such as headaches, neck tension, dry eyes and/or reading discomfort.

What causes fixation disparity?

The digital and multimedia world is making completely new demands of our eyes. Near-point visual activities on smartphones and tablets, prolonged concentration on a computer screen, poor lighting conditions and frequent focusing shifts between different distances leads to visual stress.

Visual stress can lead to existing heterophoria causing fixation disparity. Studies by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland have shown that often only small prism values are necessary to reduce asthenopic complaints successfully. Correction with compensation prisms brings the fixation disparity back to the central image position and contributes to the improvement of visual functions.

About HOYA

Founded in 1941 in Tokyo, Japan, HOYA is a global med-tech company and the leading supplier of innovative high-tech and medical products. HOYA is active in the fields of healthcare and information technology providing eyeglasses, medical endoscopes, intraocular lenses, optical lenses as well as key components for semiconductor devices, LCD panels and HDDs. With over 150 offices and subsidiaries worldwide, HOYA currently employs a multinational workforce of over 34,000 people. For more information, please visit www.hoya.com.

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