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Petrus Advisers proposes important agenda items for Annual General Meeting of conwert Immobilien Invest SE

London (OTS) - As one of the largest shareholders in conwert Immobilien Invest SE ("conwert") Petrus Advisers has requested a set of agenda items for the company´s upcoming Annual General Meeting on 5 June 2015 promoting the independence, transparency and corporate governance of the company. The aim is to re-establish the Administrative Board as a professional governing body committed to all shareholders’ interests.

In agenda items 5 and 6, we hence nominated Erich Kandler, a renowned international CPA, and Petrus founding partner Klaus Umek as candidates to the Administrative Board. These nominations come in addition to Mountain Peak’s candidate who was surprisingly proposed as a independent candidate by the current Administrative Board team. Petrus Advisers has recently stepped up its active engagement with the company and has requested important changes to conwert’s corporate strategy, which to a significant extent have been included into the company’s strategy. Following an election to the Administrative Board it would thus be a natural and immediate step to support the execution of the strategy.

Erich Kandler is a renowned CPA, registered in Austria and the US (Ohio) as well as a certified expert in forensic accounting. His long international career encompasses leadership positions at Deloitte internationally as well as a host of relevant real estate transaction and governance experience. Erich Kandler will be an independent shareholder representative and does not have any personal or business ties with Petrus Advisers.

Klaus Umek is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Petrus Advisers, a leading alternative asset management firm. During his investment banking career at Goldman Sachs, he has gained invaluable experience, including with conwert’s corporate transactions and aims to employ his experience to the benefits of all shareholders.

In addition, agenda item 7 calls for an immediate ban of all related party transactions with relevance to all shareholders owning more than 4% of conwert and who have hence surpassed the regulatory notification threshold.

Agenda item 8 demands a rotation of real estate appraisers analogous to the mandatory rules for rotation of audit firms.

Klaus Umek, managing partner of Petrus Advisers comments: "Our initiative aims at re-booting conwert completely and thoroughly. We welcome all current signals received from the new shareholder Mountain Peak that aim for transparency and substantial value creation."

In its proposed composition the Administrative Board of conwert would constitute an excellent choice for the future of the company and will represent different shareholders’ views in an equitable way. No major shareholder must ever hold or aim to hold an absolute majority in conwert’s governing body without a prior fair take-over offer to all other shareholders.

We call on all our co-shareholders in conwert to actively participate in the Annual General Meeting on 5 June 2015. We would be honoured by your support for our candidates and proposals and would view it as a clear signal for value creation for everybody.

Digital press kit: http://www.ots.at/pressemappe/4241/aom

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