Azure Dynamics Announces 45 Transit Connect Electric Sales

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  • Global orders of Transit Connect Electric exceed $32 million since its introduction
  • New North American customers include orders through the General Services Administration, Verizon, an internet company, a Northeast university, a utility company and Ford Commercial Truck dealerships
  • New European customers include government authorities, and Ford dealerships

Azure Dynamics Corporation ("Azure" or the "Company"), a world leader in the development and production of hybrid electric and electric components and powertrain systems for light and medium duty commercial vehicles, today announced 45 new Ford Transit Connect Electric sales, including 20 units in Europe and 25 units in North America, which includes six initial units through the General Services Administration (the "GSA") via Northside Ford in San Antonio, TX, a four unit order from Verizon and a four unit order from an internet company.

"We are pleased to have received several initial orders through the GSA as various U.S. government agencies, affiliated companies and military installations begin their procurement process for fiscal 2012," said Scott Harrison, Azure's CEO. "The Transit Connect Electric, offering low operating costs and zero tailpipe emissions, is the ideal versatile product that can serve a myriad of government fleet needs, particularly within the Armed Services."

Since most commercial and government fleets spend a significant portion of their operational costs on fuel alone, there has been a dramatic surge in the demand for electrified alternatives. These fleet operators are increasingly seen as the logical starting point for electric vehicles due to typical drive cycles that include travel on predictable, short-range, routes with frequent stop and go driving that generally return to a central location at the end of a drive cycle making for efficient and convenient recharging over night.

"We are also pleased to see continued adoption among universities and large companies, such as Verizon," continued Harrison. "Fleet operators, big and small businesses and colleges worldwide increasingly recognize the value the Transit Connect Electric offers in helping them reduce cost and meet their environmental goals."

Azure is a leading provider of electric drive technology for light to medium-duty commercial fleet vehicles in North America and is the first authorized provider of electric and hybrid electric solutions on Ford's market leading light-and medium-duty commercial vehicles.

"With these new orders, our global Transit Connect Electric sales exceed $32 million in less than 12 months of production," continued Harrison. "And, our network of over 160 Ford dealers globally continues to drive our sales growth while providing outstanding service for our customers."

Azure Dynamics has agreements with over 160 Ford commercial truck dealerships in key markets across North America, 90 of which support sales and service activities for Transit Connect Electric and in six countries throughout Europe representing 13 dealerships with 57 store locations.

Transit Connect Electric expands its customer base:

The 45 Transit Connect Electric vans announced today were sold to a variety of customers across North America and Europe as wells as to a number of Ford commercial truck dealers who will use the vans as customer demonstrators to increase awareness and appreciation of the product. These sales include:



- Mission Valley Ford in San Jose, CA (4 units) -Kearny Pearson Ford in San Diego, CA (1 unit) - Trans West Ford in Fontana, CA (2 units) - Frontier Ford in Santa Clara, CA (1 unit) - Siemens through East Bay Ford in Oakland, CA (1 unit)


- Norwich Public Utilities through Interstate Ford in Hartford, CT (1 unit)


- Bartow Ford in Lakeland, FL (1 unit)


- Peach County Ford in Byron, GA (1 unit)


  • Verizon through Stoneham Ford in Stoneham, MA (4 units)
  • Stoneham Ford in Stoneham, MA (1 unit)


- Northside Ford in San Antonio, TX (6 units through the GSA)


  • Boisvert Ford in Quebec (1unit)
  • City of Hamilton ON through Oak-land Ford in Oakville, Ontario (1 unit)


- Sachsengarage Ford in Dresden, Germany (1 unit) -Kuttendreier Ford in Munich, Germany (1 unit) - Sigg& Still Ford in Augsburg, Germany ( 1 unit) - KADEA Ford in Berlin, Germany (1 unit) - Pfohe Siemens Ford in Nuremburg, Germany (1 unit)


  • Ardea Ford in Netherlands (7 units)
  • Dutch Royal Family through Ardea Ford in the Netherlands (1 unit)


- RohneSelmer Ford in Norway (4 units)


- Brighton Council through Ford Retail in the UK, (3 units)

The Transit Connect Electric utilizes an advanced lithium-ion battery from Johnson Controls to achieve a range of 50 to 80 miles depending on auxiliary usage and drive cycle and is rechargeable using either a 240-volt or standard 120-volt outlet. Commercial vans generally return to a central location at the end of each driving cycle making for easy overnight recharging. Use of the vehicles will also reduce fuel and maintenance costs, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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