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Utl.: Conclusion of the research project presented in the course of a large-scale
exercise in the Noitzmühle Tunnel - EMEREC in operation from 2010 onwards =

Together with its project partners, the Austrian Fire
Services Association, the
Upper Austrian "Fachhochschule" in Hagenberg, mobilkom austria and Siemens, in the course of a research project, ROSENBAUER has developed an information system for mobile operational management. The focus of this system is on the support of emergency services leadership through improved networking and the provision of up-to-date information.

The results of the research project are to be been turned into an efficient system, which will bear the name EMEREC, and be operational with the fire services from 2010 onwards.

Presentation of the research project as part of major exercise
Under the auspices of the Wels Volunteer Fire Service, the new system is to be presented to a circle of experts on September 17, 2009, in the course of a large-scale exercise. The scenario of the exercise in the Noitzmühle Tunnel on the A8 Innkreis motorway, envisages an accident situation involving several vehicles. The rescue of trapped persons and the handling of hazardous substances are to be practiced with several emergency organization units. During the alarm, the new system is to be employed for information gathering, the coordination of the emergency services, the ongoing provision of situation reviews and documentation.

A mobile system with user-friendly operating surface
The key to the smooth completion of an emergency operation lies in the type, quality and availability of the right information. This permits the optimization of emergency procedures during the rescue, recovery and protection of people, animals and property, as well as the extinguishing of fires. Using EMEREC, an extensive range of analogue and digital data will be combined in a standardized form to create an efficient information system.

EMEREC's basis consists of a combination of a mobile end device with a central database and links to the main operational computer and other external systems (e.g. live video). Via mobile end devices (e.g. tablet PC), the head of operations and all the other emergency services involved, can receive comprehensive information of relevance to their tasks from a single source. Moreover, the user-friendly preparation of situation-related content facilitates the rapid and intuitive employment of the system.

Consequently, information such as geographical maps, fire protection and alarm plans, checklists, water plans, hazardous material data sheets, vehicle rescue information, weather forecasts, the status of the available operational equipment, and much more besides, are all readily available. This means that the head of operations requires fewer files with plans and documents in the emergency vehicle and due to automatic updates, the actuality and quality of all the data provided is guaranteed.

Project-related, interface integration to external information sources such as video systems, water line plans and electrical cable plans, as well as data relating to water course levels, fire alarm systems and operational control points, etc. is also possible.

Information is supplied via a secured line, which meets the highest standards with regard to data transfer and storage. Access rights can also be individually regulated and even in the case of an online link failure, the most important information is retained.

Support during the preparation of operational reports
EMEREC can also be used for the collation of information relevant to operations such as alarm data, operational proceedings, routes and the use of resources, etc. This stored information can then be employed for operational reports and statistics.

Development within the scope of the KIRAS grant programme
The Austrian Safety Research Support Programme (KIRAS) supported the development and realization of this emergency service information management system. KIRAS assists national research projects with the aim of enhancing the personal safety of every section of the population.

Clear information for targeted decisions is vital to smooth-running operations, as when fires, accidents and disasters occur, the head of operations becomes a manager of diverse scenarios. It is these challenges that can now be bettered mastered through the on-the-spot availability of all the information required.

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