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Turnover more than compared to last year´s reference period, EBIT grew nearly four fold, with excellent 2nd quarter 2007 figures JoWooD surpasses its planning by far

In 000 EURO
second Q 2007 | second Q 2006 | changes in % Revenues 5.283 | 2.477 | + 113% EBIT 891 | 248 | .+ 259%

EBIT margin 17% | 10% |

H1 2007 | H1 2006 | changes in % Turnover 11.497 | 7.906 | + 51% EBIT 2.044 | 1.037 | + 97%

EBIT margin 18% | 14% |

  • Quarterly revenues increased by 113 per cent to EURO 5.283 million in comparison to last year
  • EBIT increased by 297% to EURO 891.000
  • EBIT margin of 17%

Following a record first quarter, JoWooD achieved again another record during the 2nd quarter of 2007 compared with the period in the previous year

"With that result we are not only well ahead of our own expectations, but also those of analysts - and all that in the traditional weakest quarter of the industry -", comments CEO Dr. Albert Seidl and is highly satisfied with the "sensational result."

The integration of DreamCatcher into the JoWooD Group went faster as intended, and new games could be placed successfully in the market. "The figures speak for themselves", notes Seidl and sees the JoWood Group optimally positioned in the world market.

"We have done our home work, the company is excellently placed, and we look forward with pleasure to the result of the 2nd quarter."

With six quarter records in a row, and the successful expansion in the US market - JoWooD expects that the 3rd and 4th quarter results will be well beyond those of the previous year - the JoWooD Group presents itself as a completely restructured and new player in the games and console market.

The following titles were published during the 2nd quarter:

Pirates of the European Seas: the add on to "The Guild 2" which was published during the 3rd quarter of 2006.
SpaceForce: an economic simulation game situated in outer space and therefore the second title in the outer space genre.
Project Anderson: a shooter made by and for fans, which has been supported and published by JoWood and plays in the extraordinary world of author H.P. Lovecraft.
Panzer Elite Action Gold Edition: product bundle consisting of Panzer Elite Action and the add on Dunes of War.
Secrets of Atlantis: another adventure game published by The Adventure Company. Dead Reefs: a fascinating and mysterious adventure taking place in the 18th century published by The Adventure Company.
SpellForce 2 Gold Edition: product bundle consisting of SpellForce 2 and the add on Dragon Storm.

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Tel.: +43 (0)3612 2828

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