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Financial figures for the first quarter 2007

The Einhell group continues developing successful during the first three months of the year 2007. Because of the disposal of weka Holzbau GmbH as at 29th December 2006 the total turnover decreased compared to last year but adjusted by the effect of the disposal on the operating business the Einhell group exceeded once again the turnover and result compared to the same period of last year.

Compared to the published figures of last year the group turnover as at 31st March 2007 decreased from EUR 98.1 million to EUR 94.8 million. But adjusted by the effect of weka products the turnover increased from EUR 87.7 million to EUR 94.8 million which is an increase of 8.1%.
The turnover in the domestic market decreased from EUR 53.1 million to EUR 42.3 million. The adjusted turnover decreased by 7.4% from EUR 45.7 million to EUR 42.3 million. The turnover of the first quarter in the EU amounts to EUR 36.2 million (28.2 last year; adjusted 25.8). In the third countries the turnover decreased to EUR 9.8 million (10.7 last year, adjusted 10.1). Regarding the turnover in the EU and the third countries it must be taken into account that turnover of about EUR 3.2 million for the first three months 2007 was allocated to the EU instead of third countries because of the EU enlargement. Without that changed allocation both regions would have reached an increase of turnover.
In Asia the turnover increased to EUR 6.5 million (6.1 last year). An adjustment of the figures of last year is not necessary.

In comparison to the same period of last year the division "tools" increased by 5.2% to EUR 55.1 million (52.4 last year). As all weka products belong to the division "garden" it is not necessary to adjust the figures of the division "tools".
In the division "garden and leisure" the turnover decreased by 13.1 % to EUR 39.7 million (45.7 last year). The adjusted increase is 12.5% (adjusted turnover EUR 35.3 million last year).
This development shows that the Einhell group managed it again to increase the turnover of both divisions significantly. This approves the strategy of concentration on core product groups.

The development of result was also positive showing an increase of the group result before taxes of 5.4% to EUR 5.9 million (5.6 last year). The result before taxes of the last year adjusted by the effect of weka products was EUR 5.5 million. The result after taxes of the first three months increased to EUR 4.3 million compared to last year´s result of EUR 4.0 million (adjusted 3.9 last year).
The DVFA result amounts to EUR 4.0 million (3.7 last year, adjusted 3.7). This means EUR 1.1 per share (1.0 last year, adjusted 1.0).

After the good performance of the first quarter 2007 also the second quarter continues to be satisfying. Therefore the group management assumes to reach the planned turnover 2007 of EUR 380 - 400 million with a constant profit margin before taxes.

Landau/Isar, 18th May 2007

Board of directors

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