DaimlerChrysler Statement Concerning BBC Report on Global Climate Change

Auburn Hills, Michigan (ots/PRNewswire) - The following statement can be attributed to Jason Vines, Vice President, Communications for Chrysler Group of DaimlerChrysler.

While describing different interpretations of global climate change at the meeting of the Society of Automotive Analysts in Detroit, Michigan, on Tuesday, January 9, 2007, DaimlerChrysler Chief Economist Van Jolissaint's comments concerning the company's policy on global climate change were misinterpreted. Mr. Jolissaint's remarks to the conference were tape recorded.

A report by the BBC misquoted Mr. Jolissaint and provided misleading information to its listeners, viewers and readers concerning the position of DaimlerChrysler on global climate change. We have asked the BBC to retract its report.

During the conference, while describing the view that "some people might have" of a recently published report that has a more dramatic approach to the issue of global warming, Mr. Jolissaint specifically said, "not me, of course."

The official policy of DaimlerChrysler states:

We share the concern expressed by many, that global climate could affect future generations. While the science remains uncertain, we support concurrent advances in climate science to ensure fuller understanding of the controversies surrounding this issue and to avoid inappropriate responses by government or the private sector.

We believe that the competitive marketplace is the best solution to this challenge, and we expect to be a leader in developing and introducing advanced technologies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Voluntary actions, because of their inherent flexibility, allow for the greatest greenhouse gas reductions at the lowest cost.

DaimlerChrysler is committed to develop new advanced technologies to minimize any potential impact our vehicles might have on global climate or the environment in general.

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