Solvay Pharmaceuticals and Novasep Have Signed a Strategic Manufacturing Alliance

Pompey, France (ots/PRNewswire) - Solvay Pharmaceuticals and
Novasep have signed a five-year strategic manufacturing alliance which includes the exclusive synthesis of two active pharmaceutical ingredients for Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

Solvay and Novasep have recently set a strategic manufacturing alliance defining Novasep as a preferred partner for the development, the scale-up and the industrial supply of existing or new chemical entities and/or active pharmaceutical ingredients. Under the terms of this 5-years agreement, Novasep currently implement the large scale production of Pinaverium bromide and Betahistine in its Mourenx facility.

As part of this alliance in the short and mid-term, Novasep and Solvay Pharmaceuticals will start discussion on the possibility to extend this agreement. This outsourcing is in line with Solvay Pharmaceuticals strategy of shifting selected manufacturing activities to high quality, competitively-priced alternatives.

Novasep Synthesis offers exclusive synthesis services utilizing specialised technologies such as, for instance, chiral technologies, hazardous chemistry, highly potent API to produce elaborate molecules for the pharmaceutical industry and combines its exclusive synthesis know-how and capabilities with its purification technology using preparative chromatography to offer a pure and cost-effective API to its customers.

Solvay is an international chemical and pharmaceutical Group with headquarters in Brussels. It employs some 30,000 people in 50 countries. In 2005 its consolidated sales amounted to EUR 8.6 billion generated by its three activity sectors: Chemicals, Plastics and Pharmaceuticals. SOLVAY (Euronext : SOLB.BE - Bloomberg: SOLB.BB -Reuters: SOLBt.BR) is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Brussels. Details are available at

Novasep Synthesis provides R&D and exclusive synthesis, from lab to industrial scale, with special expertise in hazardous chemistry, chiral technologies, Highly Potent APIs and Early Stage Services. Novasep Synthesis includes two business units: exclusive synthesis andproprietary products.

Groupe Novasep covers the special needs of the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, agrochemicals, and speciality chemicals industries. It binds chemical synthesis and chemical engineering expertise in order to develop new technologies. The group operates through two divisions: Novasep Synthesis and Novasep Process focusing on the synthesis and process of intermediates, advanced intermediates and APIs.

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