Generation Y or Net Generation

Columne from Lydia J. Goutas in new economy-issue

Wien (OTS) - Business Week recently commented on the youngest but largest market - Generation Y or the Net Gen group as they are also called. Their technological savvy - their "net" intelligence is changing the way companies do business, how they are recruited, managed and react as customers. From product design (more attractive computers) to new channels - via online sales promotions, niche web, interactive content, new communities - it is clear that this group is more diverse in their personal interests yet more unifi ed in their approach to technology. The birth of online networks such as Linked In, Open BC indicate that "virtual" networking can be effective and enjoyable.

Interpersonal contact was more essential to their parents. But what impact will this have on job profi les and specifi cations? Already more influencing and convincing skills are needed for managers as they lead remote teams. It may also infl uence key income generating positions such as sales. A net gen Key Account Manager may have little contact with his net gen client, choosing instead to have an animated platform entertain the client as it demonstrates product features. Developing a relationship of trust and loyalty - essential for a business world struggling with ethics - through an inanimate channel will be the real challenge.

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