An "A" for sport-city Vienna

International Ice Hockey Federation gives accomplishments to Vienna

Wien (OTS) - The Viennese are sportsmanlike, not only fashion-following, but believers. " One can not become or remain a modern, international sport-city like Vienna through one or two mass rallies, one or two top-teams or through spectacular stadium architecture. This can only be achieved through a permanent and complex development process in all areas . The process corresponds with important fields of politics like urban development, economic advancement, tourism and "location marketing".

This is to be seen at the increasing number of competitions and events in Vienna. The Vienna City Hall (Wiener Stadthalle) meets the best requirements for its further development, since it is known for its big traditions, openness for trends, magnificent location and the intensive Viennese participation in sports life.

"The Hall is fully in a state of flux", claims Peter Hanke, Vienna Holding director with regard to the mentioned difficulties in the media.

Rene Fasel, International Ice Hockey Federation president (IIHF) as well as Dr. Dieter Kalt, Austrian Ice Hockey Federation and Organization Committee president, do not see any failure of the Wiener Stadthalle operators regarding the latest occurrences during the Ice Hockey World Championship in the Wiener Stadthalle. "The ice itself has never been a problem", claims Dr. Dieter Kalt. "Now everything goes well since some refinements were done, so we can expect an ongoing "SUPER WORLD CHAMPIONCHIP". The hall temperature is appropriate, the ice has a good quality. Only midsummery outdoor-temperatures led to ice- inconveniences.

The Wiener Stadthalle operators did an excellent job. The teams were and are offered best competition conditions". " Sports development is organization development at the same time, either between organizer or association, or between federations and sports locations operators. Thus, cross linking of vertices of a vital sport-city is reflected.

The Wiener Stadthalle accepted the challenge and presents itself as a competent and self-confident partner. All requests from the organization committee have been fulfilled in order to meet all competition conditions", holds Rene Fasel.

The proof therefore are the numbers of spectators. Fans are squalling the arenas in Vienna and Innsbruck: 143.000 spectators at 28 games in both cities by now. This number represents only the sold tickets. What is to be counted as well, are the tickets for the International Ice Hockey Federation, the marketing partner "Infront", as well as VIP and guests of honor. Altogether over 170.000 spectators passed already the rotary spray in the Olympia World and the Wiener Stadthalle. 6.500 fans at an average are attending the games in Vienna, 4.500 in Innsbruck. The opening day on the 30 May with the games Austria-Russia and Slovakia-Belarus, achieved peak values regarding the spectators response, nearly 9.000 spectators could be counted at both games.

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