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Sonaptic Announces New 3D Audio Technology for Mobile Devices

Scottsdale, Arizona (ots/PRNewswire) - - True Psychoacoustic, Positional 3D Audio Enables Virtual Surround Sound, Immersive Audio for Games, Video and Music on Mobile Phones, Personal Video and Music Players, PDAs and Gaming Platforms

DEMO@15 Event, Sonaptic Limited (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK) the acknowledged leader in advanced audio technologies for the mobile device market, today announced the company's new 3D Audio Engine for mobile devices. Announced at DEMO@15, the premier event showcasing the world's most promising new high-tech developments, 3D Audio Engine brings true psychoacoustic 3D audio to a range of handheld devices. Sonaptic's technology is portable and has been especially crafted for the low-power, low resource requirements of the mobile device environment and is ideally suited for use on mobile phones, personal video and music players, PDAs and gaming platforms.

Created by the same team that designed the 3D audio for the Microsoft(R) Xbox(R), Sonaptic's 3D Audio Engine actually surpasses this quality benchmark to create an immersive, 360-degree sound environment emanating from the embedded speakers in portable electronics or from standard headphones. Sonaptic psychoacoustic 3D audio far surpasses the primitive stereo expansion technology previously used in these devices. 3D Audio Engine mathematically models how sound actually enters the human ear and head in software and applies sophisticated algorithmic processing to the sound. This allows the listener to experience audio and music in an immersive and natural fashion, overcoming the inherently limited speaker capabilities in these devices.

This allows music to come from all around the listener through speakers or headphones -- it also enables games to create an environment where sounds appear to come from far behind you, or to the left and right beyond the confines of the device.

Sonaptic received a rousing reception at DEMO@15, renowned as the event that launched breakthroughs such as Java(TM), TiVo(R) and Palm(R). DEMO's Executive Producer Chris Shipley personally selects a limited number of companies every year to participate in this highly competitive event. A wide range of journalists and analysts at DEMO have expressed gratifying excitement at this breakthrough in mobile audio.

"The Sonaptic 3D Audio Engine is capable of delivering true psychoacoustic 3D sound on a mobile device using just 20 KB of RAM and 10% or less of the total available processing power," said David Monteith, Managing Director of Sonaptic, Ltd. "Sonaptic technology can redefine the user experience for mobile convergence devices and we expect this technology to appear in US mobile phones in the second half of this year, as well as many other consumer electronics and peripherals.

The Sonaptic 3D Audio Engine can not only create psychoacoustic 3D audio from stereo sources, but can also "virtualize" 5.1 or 7.1 surround for movies, trailers or surround-mixed games and music on the mobile device. The Sonaptic 3D Audio Engine is available for immediate licensing as either software or as an actual chip from Sonaptic licensees Rohm(R) and Yamaha(R). Pricing is available upon request -- email sales@sonaptic.com for details.

Sonaptic Limited

Sonaptic Limited was founded in 2002 to create effective and efficient audio technologies for next-generation portable devices. Sonaptic technology is based on more than 12 years of research by the company's founders, initially created at EMI Music's Central Research Laboratories in the 1990's. To learn more about Sonaptic, please visit the company's website at http://www.sonaptic.com

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