Kommunalkredit covert Bond/Stabilisierungsmanager

Wien (OTS) - Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft is stabilization manager with respect to the intended issuance of Covered Bonds (KACB) of Kommunalkredit Austria AG ("Kommunalkredit") and is therefore able to implement actions to stabilize the current or the market price of the Covered Bonds (KACB) in order to compensate short-range rate-drops. Any possible stabilization actions must be finished at the latest on the 30th calender day from the receipt of the sale proceeds arising out of Kommunalkredit’s issuance or 60 calender days after the date of allotment of the bonds, whatever is earlier.

These actions may result in a higher current or market price of the Covered Bonds (KACB) as the prices would be without implementing any actions; this also incorporates the risk that the price of the Covered Bonds (KACB) may be kept on an artificial level for a certain period of time. However, there is no obligation to implement any stabilization actions; in case of an implementation of stabilization actions, they may be terminated at any time.

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Kommunalkredit Austria
Franz Prantner, Leiter Treasury
Tel.: +43 (0) 1/31 6 31-610