Only 1.6 Percent

Frankfurt (ots) - The collapse in international aviation after September 11 also affected Germany's largest airport, but the decline in traffic figures was lower than first feared. Frankfurt Airport (airport code = FRA) welcomed about 48.6 million passengers in 2001, only 1.6 percent less than in the previous year. Handling almost 1.5 million metric tons in 2001, Europe's most important airfreight hub recorded a six-percent decline. Airmail grew 0.1 percent to 141,110 metric tons and aircraft movements slowed to 456,452 take-offs and landings (minus 0.5 percent) in 2001. Maximum Take Off Weights (MTOWs), important for determining a major portion of landing fees, grew by almost one percent to nearly 25.6 million metric tons.

Passenger traffic slumped heavily after the terrorist attacks in the U.S. However, the trend in monthly passenger traffic at Frankfurt Airport is encouraging -- the decline seems to have bottomed out. Compared to the corresponding month in 2000, October registered a 13.9 decline in passenger traffic. In November passenger traffic recorded a 10.9 percent drop. In December there was only a single-digit decline in passenger figures, namely 7.9 percent.

These figures for 2001 show that FRA was less affected than other German airports by the collapse in passenger figures. During crisis periods, the aviation industry always responds by strongly consolidating activities at the major hub airports; airline capacity adjustments and route cancellations have increased transfer traffic and the share of wide-body aircraft at FRA.

Fraport AG's traffic statistics show that July 2001 was FRA's peak month last year for aircraft movements, with 41,092 take-offs and landings. The absolute peak day of 2001 was on June 28, when 1,395 aircraft movements were registered. The peak hours of the year occurred on both July 29 and September 26, when FRA handled 98 take-offs and landings within a 60-minute period. These figures are only slightly below historical peak values.

Frankfurt Airport's punctuality performance increased last year, too. The share of punctual flights at FRA -- which, among other things, are affected by existing capacity constraints -- reached 76.3 percent in 2001, up from 75.5 percent in 2000 and 63.4 percent in 1999.

Frankfurt Airport's Traffic Figures for 2001 and December 2001

Jan.(Dec. 2001 Change (2) December Change (2) 2001/2000 2001 Dec. 01/Dec. 00

Passengers 48.6 -1.6 % 3.2 -7.9 %
in millions

Airfreight 1,494.1 -6.0 % 123.5 -9.1 %
in thousands
of metric tons

Airmail 141.1 0.1 % 13.7 -5.6 %
in thousands
of metric tons

Aircraft 456.5 -0.5 % 33.8 -3.9 % Movements (1)
in thousands

MTOWs 25,564.5 -0.8 % 1,878.1 -6.8 %
in thousands
of metric tons

Punctuality 76.3 70.6
share of punctual arrivals
and departures in percent

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1 Excluding military flights.

2 Rate of change based on unrounded numbers