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14.12.2018 09:35

EANS-Tip Announcement: Wolford Aktiengesellschaft / Half-year financial report according to art. 125 para. 1 Stock Exchange Act

The company Wolford Aktiengesellschaft is declaring the following financial reports below:

14.12.2018 07:43

EANS-News: AGRANA presents new bioplastic developed from thermoplastic starch

Thermoplastic starch is 100% home-compostable without leaving microplastic residues

13.12.2018 11:22

EANS-Other capital market information: Raiffeisen Bank International AG / Change of law on securities other than shares according to art. 139 Stock Exchange Act

Raiffeisen Bank International AG announces that the outstanding nominal amount of the below mentioned issue will be reduced by means of cancellation on 17 December 2018 as follows:

10.12.2018 09:50
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